1 December 2017 / Sint-Joost-ten-Node, Belgium


will bring together and stimulate the dialogue between different stakeholders in the area of food, nutrition and health

December 1, 2017 | 8:45 - 17:00

Brussels, Belgium

To work towards more societal impact of nutritional science... 

... will be the main theme of the 4th JPI HDHL conference. The target audience is broad and includes not only funders and scientists, but also policy makers of health & agriculture, industry and health professionals.

Communication is of high importance to increase the impact of nutritional science. Understanding the perspectives and needs of other stakeholders is a key aspect of good communication.

Latest news and updates

Morning session industry

Get inspired by the speakers of the  morning session on industry :
Chair: Dr. Pamela Byrne (JPI HDHL chair)
Dr. Veerle Rijckaert (Flanders' Food)
Dr. Silvia Miret-Catalan (Unilever)
Dr. Peter Eisner (Fraunhofer Institute)
Dr. Tobin Robinson (EFSA)

Opening by John Bell

JPI HDHL is proud to announce that Dr. John Bell, Director Bioeconomy of the European Commission opens the 4th international JPI HDHL conference on the 1st of December.

Plenary speakers

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ahrens (coordinator of PEN Joint Action) and Dr. Lucyna Wozniak (member of the Lamy group) will give a  plenary talk during the conference about PEN and the Lamy report. 

New workshop!

Learn more about the promising results of the three (almost) finished JPI HDHL Knoweldge Hubs:

- MaNuEL (Malnutrition)

Nutrition in Transition

Join the workshop of nutrition in transition and learn more about the future of Nutritional Science. For more information check out the editorial here.

Speeddate session

Booking of speeddates started. Don't miss promising contacts: register for the speeddates and start booking! 

Why Research on Nutrition and Health Matters

JPI HDHL developed a movie that focuses on the importance for R&I investments in relation to the (public) health challenges that relates to malnutrition .

What to Expect


An ideal opportunity to initiate promising contacts in pre-arranged meetings. Between 9:00 and 9:50 you can manage up to 5 speed dates of 10 min as part of the early bird programme.

Plenary talks 

- Dr. John Bell, director Bioeconomy of the EC, opens the 4th international JPI HDHL conference.

- Prof. Dr. Wolgang Ahrens, will present the new JPI HDHL Joint Action: Policy Evaluation Network (PEN), as coordinator of this network.

- Dr. Lucyna Wozniak, will explain the recommendations of the LAB FAB APP (Lamy)
report as member of the Lamy group.


Six parallel workshops are foreseen e.g. on public-private R&I collaboration; how to improve the impact of nutrition science; how to organize multi-stakeholder dialogues, JPI HDHL Knowledge Hubs and a decision room session to provide input for the update of the SRA. A brief description of the workshops can be found here and more detailed information will follow.

Audience debate

During the professional led audience debate, mentions will be discussed that are all related to the theme of the conference. The best "debater" will be chosen by a jury panel.

Young scientists

Young scientists from about 20 JPI HDHL countries that are involved in one of the JPI HDHL funded projects will provide a short elevator pitch. They will address the relevance of their project for the societal challenge of diet related chronic diseases.



Joint Programming Initiative
A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life

Project coordinator: Jolien Wenink
Organisation conference: Sanne van Geel
T: +31 (0)70 3495444
E: jpihdhl@zonmw.nl
W: http://www.healthydietforhealthylife.eu

Venue & Location


Hotel Bloom
Koningsstraat 250
1210 Brussels, Belgium
P: +32 2 220 69 05
W: http://www.hotelbloom.com


European Commission
This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement n.696300